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Geek Brunch 127 – Morrissey and Smoked Sprats

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Join Mike, Micah and Bill as we discuss Morrissey and Smoked Sprats. Also we talk about Judge Dredd, Dracula and Company, Doom Patrol, Azrael, Secret Six, Fantastic Four, Daredevil Reborn, Black Panther the Man without Fear, Dingo, Conan Road of Kings, Penny for your Soul, Monster, Pirates of Coney Island, Mail Order Bride, Young Justice cartoon, The Girl who kicked The Hornet’s Nest, Green Hornet, The Mechanic, Predators, Inception, Bourne Identity, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, True Grit, Darkon, Friday Night Lights, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Geek Brunch 126 – Surpassing Your Expectations

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

GooseMan (That’s a call back to an earlier episode) is off fighting the forces of business travel so It’s just Micah and Bill this week. They talk about books such as Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, Stan Lee’s Starborn, Wolverine: Best There is #1, Judge Dredd, Black Summer, and the Dr. Horrible one-shot. We talk about a couple of tres interesant french flicks and TV shows like The Cape, which aren’t nearly as interesting. We also get our munch on with foods that have to taste better than they sound.

Geek Brunch Episode 97 – Geek Brunch Causes a Divorce

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Mike is joined by Angie (acomicbookgirl), Luke (luke), and Keith (vorpelkeith) to discuss Buffalo Wild Wings, Chinese Food, and Turkey Sandwiches. We also discuss the Bristol Con and Big Apple Con. Lots of comic talk with the Death of Captain America, Deadpool, Daredevil, Power Man and Iron Fist, Incredible Hulk, The Anchor, Jon Sable, Wolverine, The X-men, Short-Stack Tales of the Super-Human Plumber, Haunt, Spider-Woman (comic vs. motion comic), Judge Dredd, Marvel Noir, Smoke and Mirrors, Queen and Country, The Stuff of Legend and much much more. Lots of TV talk with Psych, Monk, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, White Collar, Glee, Dollhouse, Venture Bros, Community and Wilford Brimley. Some more horror movies Naked Fear, Family, Pick Me up, 100ft, Phantasm, The Wicker Man, I Sell The Dead, I Married a Monster From Outer Space, Dark Floors. Even a comedy Couples Retreat. Join us for a marathon of discussion.

Geek Brunch Episode 56: Byrne-ing The Brunch

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

We’re joined by Karl Byrne, Carlitobaby on the forum, for a discussion of the science behind superheroes, Judge Dredd, vampire suckmonkeys, and fish cakes.

Featuring the song “Proofs” by Mates of State, as found on the podsafe music network.

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