Geek Brunch 318 – Join The Future

June 3rd, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss Lost in Space, Stumptown, Blood of Dracula, Heavy Metal #297, Penthouse Comix #1, Join the Future #1, Tomorrow #1, King of Nowhere #1, 7 Deadly Sins #1-6, Kill Count #1, 13 Chambers #1, Bottom Apple, Knives Out

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 137 – Baseball with the Young All-Stars

May 25th, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike, Chris and Rob as they discuss Sunset Blvd (1958), Heroes Inc., presents #1, DP7, Superman V2 #9, All-Star Western #10, Young All-Stars #7

Mike M’ Weekly Reads 148 – Burgertime

May 14th, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike as he re-releases his hit song Burgertime and goes over Books Read 03/30/20 – 04/12/20.

Geek Brunch 317 – Brought to you by the number 13

May 11th, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss The Platform, Fear the Walking Dead, Lost in Space, Expanse, Magicians, The Extraction, Battle Beyond the Stars, Space Hunter: Adventures into the Forbidden Zone, Star Crash, Tiger King, Cherry Poptart #3, Friendship Paradox #7, John Constantine: Hellblazer #1, Reaver #1-6, Stealth #1, Alienated #1, Killadelphia #1, Strange Skies over East Berlin #1, Comics with the number 13 and number 7.

Geek Brunch Retro 136 – Finding Top Dog

May 8th, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike and Rob as they discuss Detective Comics Wal-mart Giant, The Hunger, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, All Star Squadron 60, Battle Beyond the Stars, Alpha Flight#107, Top Dog #10

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 147 – Cutback Strategy

May 1st, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike as he discusses why he is making some cutbacks on purchases. Plus I discuss books read from 03/09/20 – 03/29/20.

Geek Brunch 316 – The COVID-19 Previews Review

April 27th, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss the last Previews before the Stay at Home orders. We also discuss Lovesick, Resistance #1, Archangel 8 #1, Red Border #1, Hotell #1, Laurel and Hardy meet The Three Stooges #1, Carson of Venus: Realm of the Dead #1, Red Sonja Vol 5 (Dynamite) #1-6, The Magicians, Prodigal Son, Good Doctor, I am not ok with this (netflix), The Mule, Scorpiana #1, Junction Time GN

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 146 – The COVID-19 Questions

April 21st, 2020 by Mike

Mike answers a series of COVID-19 Questions and then covers books from 02/10/20 – 03/08/20.

Geek Brunch 315 – Faithless

April 19th, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss Faithless #1-6, Sorority Babes in the Slimebowl-o-rama #1, Scary Christmas #1, Creeps #23, Plunge #1-2, Argus #1, Resonant #1-5, Nobody’s Fool, Bloodshot, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Us, Dracula (Netflix), Tiger King, Expanse

Mike M’s Collector’s Corner 12 – Collected Editions with Travis

April 14th, 2020 by Mike

Join Mike as he talks with Travis Gervais about his collected editions.