Geek Brunch Episode 113 – We Don’t Listen To Apes

First off, just in case stuff goes down, this episode actually didn’t happen. We do not encourage the burning down of one’s place of employment just due to an unfriendly working environment. Not cool. In other news, Micah and Bill continue to tag team it in Mike unfortunate absence. Bill brings the new with books like “Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark” while Micah takes a trip back to the 70s with “Richard Dragon Kung Fu” Fighter. We’re lighter on tv and movies this week, but that just gives us more time to concentrate on two documentaries with very different feelings about “Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage” and “Until the Light Takes Us.”
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One Response to “Geek Brunch Episode 113 – We Don’t Listen To Apes”

  1. Euseless Says:

    Fun listen guys.