Geek Brunch Episode 100: The Pee Truck

Join us for episode 100. Guest stars include Micah(DoWhat?), Bill (dbm), Keith (manticore), Stacey (stacebob), Michael M. (Reddjakk), Luke, Keith C (vorpelkeith), Ryan (HulkSmash), Christian, Barb (labbarb) and Alan’s (NewMutant) Cell phone. Voice mails from Heath, Derek, and Vichus.

Thank you my friends for a wonderful time. All of you bring smiles to my face daily.

Eric you would have loved it. We miss you.


Mike M.

4 Responses to “Geek Brunch Episode 100: The Pee Truck”

  1. Roy Says:

    Happy 100 episode and happy holidays. Great episode. Long time listener and just wanted to say how much appreciated show. Thank you Mike and all the great co-hosts that put so much energy into Geek Bruch. Looking forward to 200.

  2. Mike Myers Says:

    Thanks for listening Roy and letting us know that you are out there. I am glad you enjoy the show and all of my friends that are on it. Take Care and Happy New Year.

    Mike M.

  3. Euseless Says:

    Just listening to these backwards… The pee truck has been really funny so far… hahhahha.

  4. Euseless Says:

    It's a little known fact that ancient Romans had hands the size of small dogs.