Geek Brunch Episode 78

We’re joined by TMafia and Timmy Thoom as we cover just about everything. Warning: this episode contains and extension of the discussion of Eagle Eye from last episode, and contains a Battlestar Galactica spoiler that may or may not be true (neither Mike nor Heath are current on the show). Also, this episode is not for the faint of heart or easily offended, and by listening, you accept that you may be called as a witness in the trial that this episode will serve as evidence in. Establish all alibis at the time of listening.

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One Response to “Geek Brunch Episode 78”

  1. Courtney Coombs Says:

    Brits do humour WAY better than Americans.
    So do us Aussies, check out the Castle, The Nugget or Big Girl's Blouse.

    PS3 can do EVERYTHING!
    If it was a robot I'd…Nevermind.

    I'd love to watch Dr.Horrible. Someone send it to me.
    Firefly is good but can't stand Buffy.

    Bush's presidency was a joke, but then again you Americans do entertain the rest of the world.

    We women try not to buy clothes, honestly! I'll go shopping with my mum thinking I don't need anything new and then I'll come home with at least three bags of clothes.
    They just make them so damn pretty.

    I hate Big Bang Theory. And Xmas specials!

    David Tennant must be the Doctor forevers. I thought Chris Eccleston could be attractive at times. Then David came along and I went into fangirl-mode.

    The new guy looks like a wanker.

    I watch Clone Wars, why, I don't know. I love Genndy Tartakovsky's series
    And I hate CGI.
    The movie sucked, but the series has it's moments. And by moments I mean every time Grievous shows up.

    Shame on you Timmy for being so far behind on popular culture. You host a podcast!
    Then again, asking questions keeps the show going.

    Hood of Horrors was so gross, I couldn't make it all the way through.

    I will never understand why Twilight is so popular. Bring back Blade, I want my vampires to be viscious narcassistic monsters.
    And I loves me some blood!

    Courtney, Trenchcoat's henchgirl