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Geek Brunch 165 Exploring Monkeybrain Comics

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Mike, Micah and Bill are joined by Adam P. Knave from monkeybrain comics to talk about his co-creation Amelia Cole and the Unknown World. We also get around to discussing Wizard World Chicago, J.P. Pollard’s Thomas vs. the Monsters, Alamo Buckaroo, Adventures of Theodore E. Bear, Mega Man, Strider (Manga), Sovereign Seven, Batman #12, Who is Jake Ellis, Route Des Maisons Rogues, Before Watchmen, Deadworld, The Creep, Creator Rights, The Artist, Tiny Furnature, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Total Recall, Expendables 2, Friends with Kids, and some food.

Geek Brunch 129: Germs and Infestation with a little XXY

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Mike, Bill and Micah bring you the latest in germs in the work place. Comics discussed in this episode are Infestation, Star Trek comics, Amazing Spider-man from 2009, G.I. Joe Cobra, Kill Shakespeare, Who is Jake Ellis?, Infinite Vacation, Parker The Hunter. We then turn to some movies like Drive Angry 3D, Just Go With It, XXY, Shudder Island, The Machinist, All Star Superman and Be Forever Yamato. Some Dwayne McDuffie love followed by some TV with Spartacus Gods of the Arena, Dan Vs, Transformers Prime, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Dennis and Nasher, The Cape, The new Criminal Minds show and Work of Art. Then Mike left for a party and the guys went on about some food.