Geek Brunch 141.1 – Micah Brunches Alone

Apologies in advance dear listeners. Both Mike and Bill are away on secret missions this week, and Micah decided it would be a good idea to talk by himself into a microphone. Yup. Listen to the shortest episode of Geek Brunch Ever (someone fact check this) [NOTE FROM DEREK: Yes, it is, by about 23 minutes.] as Micah tries to pull a Lynne Rossetto Kasper and talk about pancakes. He also has a scatterbrained look at Grant Morrison’s Batman by way of Final Crisis and Ed Brubaker’s Captain America by way of Civil War. He ends with Phineas and Ferb or some such. It’s all rather sad.

Here’s a link to the Grant Morrison article

And here’s to Micah’s blog that he actually doesn’t want you to read

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