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Geek Brunch 112 – So Daggone Hot

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

This one gets a bit up in the air. It’s about million degrees and super muggy in both Chicago and Charlotte at the time of this recording. Mike is doing his best to keep his company alive single handedly, so It’s up to Bill and Micah to handle the show. Even without Mike we get a strong dose of DC Comics with appearances from Arion Lord of Atlantis and Moonshadow. Both well known DC properties. We also go over Marvel’s 76 Avengers books that are relaunching. Micah reads a book that doesn’t exist (why my store has it I don’t know. I’ll let you guess which one it is). We cover cool Manga (and their good translation work) like Twin Spica and Dororo). We also delve into some hard hitting movies like Hurt Locker and Toy Story 3. Hopefully you can enjoy this podcast in much cooler, dryer weather!

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