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Geek Brunch 252 – The Media Segment

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss Stripped, Kamandi Challenge #1, DC Kids Books, Amigo Comics, Public Relations TPB, The Great Divide #1, Green Valley #1, Betty and Veronica #1, Riverdale, Seven to Eternity #1, RRH #1, Circle #1, Stranger Things, Bates Motel, Damian, Supergirl, The Visit, Split, Southside with You, Gotham, The Mick

Geek Brunch 232 – Staple the Stomach

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Mike and Bill discuss Fecal Matter, The Visit, Madonna, Previews, Young Terrorists #1, Fedor, Crossed: Badlands #52-54, Lake Country Con and Wizard World Con, Sires of Time, Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1, No Mercy#3-4, Starve #4, Fear the Walking Dead, Daredevil, Love and Mercy