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Geek Brunch 180 – Dancing in the Skreets

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Join Mike, Bill and Micah as we discuss Dia De Los Muertos Uno and Dos, Dragon Age: Those Who Speak #1-3, After Earth Innocence #1, Harvest #1-5, Ultimate Spider-man #21, Think Tank Vol1, Sex #2, Megaman/Sonic Crossover, Bloodshot Vol. 1 Mythica #1-2, Tales of the Teen Titans #69, Green Goblin TPB, Extermination Vol. 1, Invincible Universe #1, Repossessed #1-4, Black Kiss II, Fairy Quest #2, Sergio Arogones Funnies #4, Olympus Has Fallen, Salt, Tangled, Hitchcock, Bates Motel, Guns, Girls and Gambling, Trailer Park Boys, Interstella 5555

Geek Brunch 135 – THOOMING with THOR

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Mike, Bill and Micah are joined by Timmy THOOM to discuss Flashpoint, Rampage, Thor, Wonder Woman, Conan, Fast Five, Bridesmaids, Walking Dead, Salt, Rango, Ghostbusters, iCandy, iZombie, Action Comics, Critical Millennium The Dark Frontier, Marineman, DC Universe Online Legends, Suicide Girls, Mystery Society, True Blood, Edge of Doom, Chew, Avengers 12.1, FCBD, Jonah Hex, The Last Zombie, The Gang From the Store.