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Geek Brunch 167 – Intervention?

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Mike, Micah, and Bill discuss Mike’s trip to Baltimore Comic Con. Also we get into some Micronauts #2, Collection Intervention, World War Hulk X-men 1-3, World War Hulk X-men 1-3, Marvel Fanfare #27, Back Issue #35, World War Hulk Gamma Corps, Judge Dredd #1, Fantastic Four back issues, Fairest #3-4, Jew Gangster, Joe Kubert, Anathema, OMAC #1, Asylum, Batman #12, Hawkeye #1, National Comics #1, Think Tank #1, Deadpool Max, Broadway Comics, David Lapham, Eric Powell, Howard Chaykin’s Pulp Fantastic, Andrew Pepoy, Valiant Shadow Man Sampler, G.I. Joe, Blade, The Deadgirl

Geek Brunch 133 – A Cup of Baku

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Join Mike, Bill, Micah and Josh as they talk with Mike Federali about his new book, The Baku from Kickstarter. We also talk about a ton of comic books, TV shows, Movies and Food.

Topics include Skyrocket, Xombi, Short Stack Tales of the Super Human Plumber, Fracture, Hack Slash/Bomb Queen, Lil Depressed Boy, Orc Stain, Mr. Wonderful, Brian and Bobby, Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker, Thor Manga, Secret History of Batman, To Say Nothing Of The Dog, X-men, Young Justice, Iron Man 2.0, Silver Surfer, DC Universe Online: Legends, Batman, Deadpool Max, Looney Tunes, Tiny Titans, Batwoman, World’s Finest, Modern Family, The Office, Batman The Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman.

You can check out Mike’s comics and music at

the baku by mike federali and drew moss