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Geek Brunch 160 – Remember the Awesome Stuff

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Welcome to another somewhat forgetful episode of Geek Brunch. This week Mike is out (continuing our string of episodes where someone is missing), but Micah returns to talk to Bill about all the comics, movies, tv shows, and food neither of them can remember experiencing over the past two weeks. A few of the remembered titles are Secret Service, Conan The Barbarian, Glory, The Secret, Saucer Country, Green Lantern Volume 3, Supurbia, Book of Human Insects, Tyrannosaur, and Battleship. Somewhere in there is a really cool talk about the history of comics, manga, and cartoons. So enjoy that. We also discuss how awesome Osamu Tezuka is and Micah’s new love “Kid’s on the Slope.”

Geek Brunch 143 – Podcast team-up

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Geek Brunch is joined by the hosts of DC Noise to discuss the new DC 52, Flashpoint, That Hellbound Train, OMAC, Lady Mechanika, Rachel Rising, Tiny Titans/Little Archies, Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, Elmer, and Beetle Bailey. Movie discussions include Conan, Fright Night, Zookeeper, Tyler Perry Movies, Arthur, Ator, Scooby Doo, Hobo with a Shotgun, Rubber, True Grit, Me You and Everyone you Know,


Geek Brunch 140 – Moving Sucks

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Look Alive True Believers! With Mike refreshing his juices, Micah and Bill helm the show. On the movie tip, Micah shares his love of Captain America with the you. He and Bill both hop around quickly about trailers and action movies like Conan, Attack the Block, Mission Impossible movies, John Woo Movies, and Chow Yun Fat’s fear of guns. Micah also sighs about never being able to see Solomon Kane, as well as chides Bill about Ratatouille. The duo Liquidates Borders, Love on local Book Stores, and contemplate collecting manga series (like Micah’s now adored Twin Spica). Bill Loves Wrasslin documentaries and drops some history. As far as comics go, Bill chats up Seth’s Wimbledon Green and Justin Madson’s Breathers, Micah goes all novel with Leviathan Wakes, Hunger Games, and A Dance With Dragons. Geek Brunch endorses fresh vegetables.

Geek Brunch 135 – THOOMING with THOR

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Mike, Bill and Micah are joined by Timmy THOOM to discuss Flashpoint, Rampage, Thor, Wonder Woman, Conan, Fast Five, Bridesmaids, Walking Dead, Salt, Rango, Ghostbusters, iCandy, iZombie, Action Comics, Critical Millennium The Dark Frontier, Marineman, DC Universe Online Legends, Suicide Girls, Mystery Society, True Blood, Edge of Doom, Chew, Avengers 12.1, FCBD, Jonah Hex, The Last Zombie, The Gang From the Store.