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Geek Brunch 258 – Heshers and Burnouts

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Mike and Bill return with Bills undercover mission at C2E2, Monika Vol 1, X-O Manowar 2017 #1, Grass Kings #1, Spenser and Locke #1, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #1, Red Sonja #1, World Reader #1, Eleanor and the Egret #1, Underwriter #1, Sovereign #00, Train To Busan, Image Revolution

Geek Brunch 224 – Balls on a Turtle

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Mike and Bill discuss recent dreams, C2E2, Gayne Darrow, Shaper #1, Kaptara #1, Professor Hobbs Fineas and Shoppe of Oddities, Archie vs. Predator #1, Big Con Job #1, Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders, Convergence: Hawkman, Convergence: Adventures of Superman, The Empty, Ivar, Timewalker #1, Unity #15-17, Dear Mr. Waterson, Unfriended, About Time, Imitation Game

Geek Brunch 204 – Necklace of Balls

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Micah is on assignment. Mike and Bill discuss C2E2, Zenoscope, Papercutz, Valiant, Godstorm #1, Helsing #1, Bar Maids #1, Silver Surfer #1, The Returning #1, The Curse #1, Blackout #1, Six Million Dollar Man #1-2, FBP #1-5, Rai #1, Batman Dark Knight #27-28, Special Exits, Action #30, Amazing Spider-man 2, El Rey Network, From Dusk Till Dawn the Series, Wolf of Wall Street, The Punk Singer, Homefront, Blue is the Warmest Color

Geek Brunch 181 – D&D is Nasty

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Micah is out on assignment so Mike, Bill and guest Darrell discuss C2E2, Tyco Race Tracks, Rooster Duck vs. the Mermaids #2, Ted McKeever’s Miniature Jesus #1, Marvel Comics the Untold Story, Grimm Fairy Tales The Unleashed #0, Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth, Avengers Arena #7-8, Polarity #1, Uncanny Avengers #5, Rogues! #1, Ninjak #1-6, 0-00, Jupiter’s Legacy #1, Cable and the X-men, Defiance, End Game, Person of Interest, The Office, Toy Hunter, Orphan Black, Oblivion, Iron Man 3, You’re going to Miss Me, Dredd, Zero Dark Thirty

Geek Brunch 132 – Joined by Bob Franz

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Mike, Bill and Micah are joined by Bob Franz (creator of the comic 41 and host of the Mike and Bob show on WROX)

The guys discuss comic books like 41, Amazing Spider-man, Green Arrow: Long Bow Hunters, Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D, Heroes for Hire, Abattoir, Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends, Mystery Society, Silver Surfer, Thor, Crooked Little Vein, and Penny for your Soul. We also get into a discussion of writing, post apocalyptic movies, Night Business, Last Night, Waterworld, Road Warrior, DaVinci’s Inquest, Trailer Park Boys, Threads, The Big Show a Giant’s World, Superman/Shazam, Spectre and Monsters.

Bob’s contact information for the comic 41 is: email: 41comic @

You can also check out his radio show The Mike and Bob show on WROX 96.1 Norfolk VA.