Geek Brunch Retrocast 63 Revised – Swimming in Pulp

Join Mike and Chris as they discuss Grimjack #1, Aquaman #1000000, Fantastic Four #25-26, Aquaman Annual #2, Star Trek Patterns of Force, The Omega Glory, Spock’s Brain, The Ultimate Computer and Aquaman Annual #3.




Anl 2

Anl 3


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One Response to “Geek Brunch Retrocast 63 Revised – Swimming in Pulp”

  1. Euesless Says:

    There are lots of free ways to watch shows online. You don't need a DVR to do it. BUT…. Yay for Mike and Chris! They be back!!! Jason Bateman's sister was famous first in Family Ties… he was best in Mike Judge's Exract, The Invention of Lying, and Arrested Development.