Geek Brunch 186

Mike is out, so Bill and Micah discuss the comic books movies and tv all by themselves. Serusis, Six-Gun Gorilla, Daredevil: Dark Nights, Zero, Oldboy, Grandville and The Hiding Place.

Tv shows are
Game of Thrones and Michiko to Hatchin

and Micah watched Pacific Rim


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One Response to “Geek Brunch 186”

  1. jedjastro Says:

    Hello Geek Brunch.
    Now that was a bit of a surprise this week. A Geek Brunch without Mike? How can this be? It was still good fun, but after two years or so of listening to your podcast, I miss Mike when he is not on the show. The episode was also quite short for Geek Brunch. I come to expect that the show has 180-minute episodes, but I am sure you were busy and have recorded more that will be released a little later. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend (I'm just trying to cope with the heat wave right now), and I'll listen to you all again soon. Happy brunching.