Geek Brunch 147 – Fan Rant and Star Wars

While Bill is off saving lives on a ship, Mike, Micah and Darrell discuss Green Lantern, Batman The Brave and the Bold, X-men Schism, Sailor Moon, James Bond Cart Blanche, Sola in Japan, Chopper, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stitched, Marvel Cuts, X-men Books, Fantastic Four, FF, Fury of The Firestorms, rants about fans, and Star Wars The Clone Wars

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One Response to “Geek Brunch 147 – Fan Rant and Star Wars”

  1. Paul Says:

    Solanin is a great comic. The art is incredible. I like when artists do that thing where the characters are cartoony and expressive, and the environment is super detailed and concrete. A lot of European artists do that. If you see that in a Japanese comic it tells you that artist is very popular and can afford the time and assistants to produce that kind of detail. Inio Asano has another comic in English called What A Wonderful World. I've only read the first volume of that, but it's very good, too.