Geek Brunch 119 – That’s What Makes it so Damn Sexy!

We kick off the show with a rousing spoilerific (and explicit) critic of Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist! Do you know what the ending means? We don’t! Then we do a full 180, and review the titillating action flick Bitch Slap, and the rather strange Gentlemen Broncos! Surveillance does; I hate those. We also discuss Survival of the Dead, The Social Network, Bitten, Shutter Island, and Catfish. Then we move on to reviews of many of the new TV shows, including Hawaii 5-0, Raising Hope, Outsourced, Chase, S* my Dad Says and the new seasons of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Brave and the Bold, and Clone Wars. Then we’re on to comics with reviews of Ode to Kirihito, Taskmaster #1, Tumor HC, Chew Volume 2, Victorian The Undead, Crossed, Hack Slash, and Superf*ckers! Join Mike, Bill, and Micah on one of our most vulgar episodes ever! Plus, pot roast! And which sugar is best for you! We also bring up how to teach kids sports.

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