Geek Brunch 115 – Cameo Edition

Welcome ladies and gentlemen! These are the shownotes! Here is normally where some of the fascinating topics discussed on the current episode are laid out in front of you to further your excitement for the broadcast. The smart thing to do for this is to take notes during the show what happens, for the first time in ever, that happened! Then Google Docs ate them. And really, who wants to be bothered trying to remember what we talked about, but here’s my best attempt. Bill and Micah talk a bout COMIC BOOKS! (Some good, some not bad). Then we are joined by special guest talker _____! Then Bill and Micah talked a bout MANGA! (Some of the Manga was really really good.) Then there’s talk of sports! SPORTS?! Yes, sports. And movies. Those happened, and television may have happened, maybe not. Then something to do with Brunch showed up as well. Overall, super great. I have a great idea, you just listen to the show and find out. I bet you’ll like it.
Sincerely, Me. ¡<3!


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