Geek Brunch 114: Rollin on Percocet

This episode of Geek Brunch is a celebratory roller coaster ride of awesome. Mr. Myers makes a triumphant return to Geek Brunch! To celebrate, here’s a list of things that may or may not be learned by listening to this episode. Batman: Odyssey is not a retelling of the Homer story with Batman in it. (That would make it better). Friday Night Lights works without football. Inception isn’t an accurate movie. Nothing I dream about (money, cars, girls) is in that movie. Tom Hanks is going to play Superman in 1994, and he’ll solve cancer. I wrote the script. Want to stick it to the man? Have your wisdom teeth taken out. Everything that ever went wrong in the world (all those wars and genocide and stuff?) all the cause of two semi-immortal British kids. Riverdale is soon to be home to some serious racial discussions, possibly riots. Food is best when drizzled down the throat.

Holla at us!

P.S. Iago dies at the end of MacBeth. 😉 <--¡WINKY FACE!">

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