Geek Brunch Episode 111 – Con-Ed

Heroes con was not long ago and Mike, Bill, Micah and Keith Cunningham regroup to let you know ALL about it. This episode is all about learning things about yourself and the world you never knew before. “Jiggling your butter popcorn!”, “How to break a Waitress!”, “How to swindle five dollars out of Micah by looking like a kicked puppy!”, “How do you sit in a Shotgun Rocking Chair!”, “, “Ephemeral purple baboons”, “Comic Smelling Milkshakes!”, “VIDEO GAMES!” “That Spandex store isn’t for kinks, it’s for kids”, “Wood and Yellow!” “Germany has Black People!” “Caveman Robot!” “How to become Strategy Cam!” “Micah is clearly NEVER becoming unsingle.” And soooo sooooo sooooo much more. Seriously. Hours of knowledge just being dropped all over left and right.

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