Geek Brunch Episode 109

KRAKATHOOM! That’s right! This week Your regular hosts Mike, Micah and Bill are joined by Thoomcast’s Timmy Thoom. Questions explode from Reed Richard Dicking and Dancing, like why does Doc Savage not realize the Dodgers moved out of Brooklyn 53 years ago? How is Iron Chef Miyamoto rages war with Sardines in his arsenal? Why is Michael Cera is everywhere (even in places where he isn’t)? What does lady GaGa have to do with middle aged bums? Is Black Dynamite the funniest movie ever since the last really funny movie we said was the funniest movie ever? Who the hell does Ralph Macchio think he is? Why do D-List has beens charge sooo much cash for pictures at cons in Burbank? Why does Mike hold so much hatred in his heart (who can hate releasing  krakens? really? who?)

P.S. We talk about Iron Man 2 as well, but real talk, no one watched that movie so us discussing doesn’t do anything for you. $133 million dollars? Puh-lease. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

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3 Responses to “Geek Brunch Episode 109”

  1. Euseless Says:

    Ha. A funny show guys. I might just turn off my cable tv, because shit on the internet is better, cheaper, and well… you can watch tv shows on the internet too. Just saying!!!

  2. Euseless Says:

    Lord have mercy… Your Fantastic Four discussion killed me. Mike had a good point… Why were you looking at her hands? Ha…

    Seriously, I think people are smart enough to know that Cap isn't Torch. I think (hope) Chris will do well. MY pick for someone playing Cap. would be Dennis Quaid, if we could travel back in time to his Enemy Mine age… Thoughts? Matt Damon or that guy from Human Target now, if I had to choose someone else.

    I can't comment on the whole three hour podcast…
    Chloe is hot. So is Lois. Yay for the final season.

    Keep it up.

  3. Mike Says:

    Thanks for listening Euseless. I am glad you enjoyed the episode. This one was very fun recording.