Geek Brunch 96 – Horror, Breasts and Butter

Host Mike Myers is joined by Eric, Micah, and Bill and they discuss seeing their first breasts in movies, how to skin Meat Loaf, how kids can eat for free every where you go, why does food cooked in an Easy bake oven taste like shit. We discuss horror movies Severence, The Woods, Ginger Snaps, Masters of Horror, Zombieland, Diary of the Dead, and Pervert! The guys then Flash Forward to Curb Your Enthusisum and discuss why it is always Sunny in Philadelphia. Jumping to comic talk Cyberforce/Hunter Killer, Sword in my Mouth, PS238, Amazing Spider-man, Streets of Gotham, Aspen Comics, Cable, Uncanny X-man, Superman/Batman, X-babies, Wonder Woman, Locke and Key, North 40 and much much more.

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