Geek Brunch No. 2

From Heath Holland: First of all, Mike and I talked about Spidey 3.

After that we went into Free Comic Book Day. For more info about all of the titles that were available, click

High Tension is a horror movie that both Mike and I loved. You can watch the trailer and check out all sorts of cool stuff via the link:

Sublime is another movie we discussed that may make you poop your pants. Again, I’ve linked to the trailer.

Mike also talked about Rest Stop but I haven’t seen it, and am not in a hurry to after his review.

Roasted Chile Peppers

We also discuss Roasted Chile Peppers…mmmmmmmm, and we bring it all back to Chorizo. I love the stuff.

As for the Captain Crunch Frappuccino, this is what it looked like both before and after I drank it. Blergh. 60 minutes.

Download Here

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